July 13, 2024

The right diamond bracelet, be it mined diamonds or lab-grown can add sophistication and class to any collection, making a look more elegant. Even though it is usually worn as a stylish accessory, diamond bracelets can as well convey unity with a group, culture, or cause. Whether extravagant or subtle, casual or formal, this flexible piece and any other jewelry items can reveal your personal style with flair.

Some diamond bracelet styles, such as tennis bracelets, need an understanding of your wrist size. For instance, diamond tennis bracelets are sold by length and, because of the design mode, perform better when they fit perfectly. A bracelet that perfectly fits is not prone to catch and break or cause any ache. If you are unsure how to measure diamond bracelet size accurately, we’ve got you covered.

This article reveals the top tips to finding the right size diamond bracelet. But before we dive into it, let’s explore diamond bracelets more extensively.

What Exactly Are Diamond Bracelets?

Diamond bracelets are pieces of jewelry worn on the wrist that comprises one or more rows of sturdy and pure diamonds, connected by a delicate, precious metal chain. Nothing glitters like diamonds, and when they’re around your wrist they make an elegant and remarkable statement. Diamond bracelets can be from natural or lab-grown diamonds.

The natural diamonds, also known as earth-mined, are extracted underground. On the other hand, lab-created diamonds, also called man-made, are grown in the lab by cutting-edge technology that imitates the earth-mined diamond growing process.

Unlike other diamonds, lab-grown diamonds do not take many years to form and don’t require mining which disturbs the land and causes mineral wastage to harvest. Rather, they are engineered in a safe environment through advanced technology, which causes zero injury.

Diamond bracelets just like other jewelry sets such as solitaire diamond, studs earrings or any wedding ring sets widely vary in quality and carat weight. While it can be enticing to buy the biggest diamonds at the cheapest price, we advise focusing mainly on the stones’ quality. 

For maximum beauty and brightness, select a bracelet with diamonds that are graded with a least one color and SI2 in clarity.

Standard Women’s Diamond Bracelet Sizes

The industry standard women’s bracelet size is usually between 7 and 7.5 inches –– 18 to 19 cm –– with 7 inches being the most popular regular size in women’s jewelry. This bracelet size will rest properly between the base of the hand and the wrist bone.

The standard wrist measurement size for a chain or link bracelet is roughly 18 centimeters in circumference. Medium-sized bangles have about 20 centimeters circumference. However, this measurement size is merely an approximation as the right size of bracelet can vary from one person to another. 

How to Determine the Right Sizing For Diamond Bracelet

The accurate size for a bracelet implies it moves a bit on the wrist, with the wearer being able to put at least a finger comfortably between the chain and their wrist. Hence, a diamond bracelet should not be too loose, as you wouldn’t want to misplace your valuable jewelry.

Rather, it should fit perfectly, so you can put on your diamond bracelet daily. Ideally, the right size of a bracelet is your wrist circumference plus 2 centimeters, though, this depends on your preference.

Need help with how to measure your wrist and get the right size for your diamond bracelet? Then continue reading!

The simplest way to find the right size of your bracelet is to measure your wrist and determine your size using the bracelet size chart.

 Follow these easy steps to find the ideal fit:

1.   Measure Your Wrist

The easiest way to find your diamond tennis bracelet size is to measure your wrist. Simply, measure your wrist circumference just above the small lump beneath the wrist by wrapping a flexible measuring tape around your wrist, then, write down the circumference.

If you can’t get a measuring tape, you can enfold a piece of ribbon or a yarn around your wrist, then cut it to size and calculate it later. Alternatively, wrap a paper strip around your wrist just under the wrist bone. Then, mark your size on the paper where the strip end intersects with the other side.

2.   Make Necessary Adjustment

Depending on your preferred wearing comfort, add a number of centimeters to the wrist measurement you get, say 1 to 2 centimeters. This is to ensure that your bracelet doesn’t fit too tight or loose. 

For a close-fitting bracelet, add 1 centimeter to your wrist measurement. For a normal-fitting bracelet, add 1.5 centimeters and for a bigger bracelet, add 2 centimeters respectively.

3.   Measure the Bracelet Length

The easiest way to find out the ideal size for you is to measure a bracelet length you find comfortable and ensure it matches the measurement you recorded earlier. The bracelet length in centimeters is then your bracelet size. This is also handy if you want to present a bracelet as a gift.

4.   Refer To the Bracelet Size Chart

Another way to determine the right size diamond bracelet is to check the bracelet size chart. This is applicable if you use a ruler to measure where you have marked the paper as your wrist measurement, then, use the bracelet size chart to get your accurate size.

Keep in mind that your right and left wrists may have little different circumferences depending on which hand you use more often.  For left-handed people, the left is usually a little thicker; while for right-handed people the right wrist is typically thicker. This phenomenon is elucidated by increased musculature, even if the bony region is the same.        

5.   Visit a Jeweler to Create Lab Diamonds to Measure

Alternatively, the typical size of diamond bracelets for women is between 19 and 21 centimeters. To be certain, visit a jeweler who will take your size measurement and manufacture the best lab-created diamonds completely to gauge. 

This ultimately saves you from the stress of measuring your wrist accurately and ensures you get the right size diamond bracelet of your choice without hassle.


There you have it, the things to do to find the right size when purchasing diamond bracelets for women. Diamond bracelets make a stunning appearance on the wrist and make a great gift without a diamond ring’s inherent message and commitment.

Remember, irrespective of the measuring tool you use, ensure you add between 1 to 2 centimeters to your overall measurement to determine the bracelet size. 

With this little room on the wrist, the bracelet will comfortably sit without dropping too far down your wrist. And preferably, you can ask a jeweler online to manufacture perfect fit lab created diamonds bracelets for you.